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The wait is over!

Posted by Kasey Gilder on

Expo season for us is typically September to May, then a break for the summer. Then back at it again in September. Finishing up in May and having the summer months off to recoup, relax, and just work the normal 9 to 5 at the office is always nice. It’s a welcomed break from the constant booking, driving, flying, packing, unpacking, counting, repacking, and all of the other madness that accompanies planning health and fitness expos to travel to almost every weekend. The summer is coming to an end now though. The tans are fading, the temps are dipping, and expo season is right around the corner. For as much hard work as it is to prepare for and attend shows and for as awesome as the down time is… I MISS IT!!! Enough is enough! I’ve had enough of a break now! I miss my shows!!! My shows are my livelihood! Getting to travel all over the country and experience new places, and new things is nothing short of exciting and incredible. All of the people we get to meet, help out, become friends with and have fun with while on the road, are truly amazing. I always say that runners are among the nicest most humble, friendly, down to earth and fun people you will ever meet in your life. So to be able to travel and do this regularly as my job is amazing! It doesn’t feel like work at all, and not many people can say that. Being able to do what I do, see what I see, and have the experiences that I have, is the greatest thing in the world. I am so so lucky and will never take it for granted. So as the carnival rides shut down, the campers and tents are sealed up, the fairs and festivals close down and move out of town, and the crisp fall air is slowwwwwlyyyyy creeping its way in… I cannot help but be totally excited to start the process of the next expo season all over again!!!

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